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MULTIMAXX in India tailors solutions from a broad suite of integrated service offerings, across consulting, systems integration and outsourcing to help its clients in the private and public sectors achieve business results such as increased profitability, cost savings and innovation. For more information about our solutions and services, please contact us. We develop smart people and latest technology-enabled solutions to solve our clients' toughest challenges, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and a passion for exceeding expectations. Over the past five decades, technology has radically changed the world we live in. We have remained at the forefront of our business because we understand how to use technology change and innovation to deliver value to our clients.


To enable you to broaden your skill set and acquire the competencies you will need to grow and continue along your chosen career path at the pace that suits you, MULTIMAXX has invested in an extensive range of learning opportunities that can help you develop your technical abilities, core competencies and soft skills.


All MULTIMAXX employees, together with their coach, create an individual learning plan that is regularly addressed and updated as you progress with your career. The plan comprises a learning curriculum that forms the basis for the identification of the leadership and functional key competencies to be developed, as well as the learning offerings you will have access to in order to develop those competencies.


At MULTIMAXX, we are committed to supporting our employees; coaching and mentoring play an important role in that. Coaches get to know their coaches well, giving candid feedback, listening to their concerns, providing career advice and much more on a regular basis. Coaches are fully supported by our unique Coaching Academy that offers training, support, and documentation to help our coaches excel in this important role. The mentoring program is aimed at young starters to help their transition to professional life.


In addition to on-the-job learning that is guided and supported by a coach and mentor, MULTIMAXX offers and promotes training programs that help employees add real value to our clients’ businesses. Training can be offered by internal experts via HR or communities, or be given by external specialist suppliers. We are continually investing in our employees’ career by offering them the learning opportunities to enhance skill sets. We have established the MULTIMAXX Learning Place that comprises many training programs that employees are free to take whenever and from wherever they want, allowing you to set your own learning pace. MULTIMAXX Learning Place also offers blended learning programs that combine instructor-led training with e-learning, and provides access to expert mentors who give full support.


We have created a number of virtual academies that provide training and support, and focus on specific skills and work areas, such as change management, effective functional analysis, finance, communication & leadership, and coaching. New associate professionals are invited to join the Consulting Academy to help start their career at MULTIMAXX as smoothly as possible.


MULTIMAXX promotes certified training programs to provide employees with the chance to achieve ‘world-class’ certifications, which add great value to your skill set and to MULTIMAXX. They are much valued by employees as they enhance their career profile and help them progress along their chosen career path.


Communities are interactive networks of employees across MULTIMAXX who come together online and in person to collaborate and share knowledge and experiences around specific topics. There are many communities at MULTIMAXX, most of which are open to anyone wanting to learn more about a certain subject, such as marketing solutions, project management, branding, human resource management, enterprise content management, entrepreneurship and much more.
Young Professionals
At MULTIMAXX, we value young professionals. Why not boost your potential with exceptional training opportunities to expand your professional skill set and add to your personal competencies? With MULTIMAXX, you can grow not just via our expansive range of training programs, but also by having the chance to work on stimulating and complex development and implementation projects. As we are continually developing new solutions and services to meet clients’ current and future business needs, we are constantly looking for professionals who can quickly get to grips with advanced technologies and forward-thinking business concepts. And with MULTIMAXX you have continual support with a coach who is always by your side to offer feedback and advice. MULTIMAXX offers a unique flexible work environment where employees have the freedom to work in the way they want to, choose their own career path, and develop at a pace that fits their personal ambitions. That makes it an extraordinary place to work.
Senior Professionals
MULTIMAXX is continually growing. We are constantly innovating and developing new solutions and services to meet clients’ needs and are always looking for experienced professionals with the ambition to continue to develop themselves and reach new heights. With MULTIMAXX you have the opportunity to work on high-profile, complex projects and to dialogue with clients about the real value MULTIMAXX’s first-rate business solutions add in order to help grow the business, and you will be rewarded with an excellent benefits package. You also have unique access to advanced technologies and business concepts that are helping shape the future. Our unique Freedom Works Better local employer brand allows you to create a fast-track career, if you so wish, and define the way you work in line with your personal ambitions and lifestyle. It represents how we value each and every employee, their original ideas and personal experiences. It has helped create a work environment where people feel that they are making a valuable contribution to solving client issues – that’s what has helped us gain a Top Employer in India label for four consecutive years.
Expert Professionals
You likely opted to go freelance to be able to choose your own projects and clients and enjoy more professional freedom than you might as a full-time employee - and of course higher, albeit unguaranteed, potential financial rewards. But as you have probably found, that freedom comes at a price. You are fully responsible for your career development, must seek out and finance your own training programs to keep your skills up to date, you are rarely considered a real team member, more a high-cost asset under immense pressure to perform. And you have no team to help increase capacity if you need to. What if you could keep your freedom and benefit from exceptional training opportunities, still work on stimulating and complex development and implementation projects and be rewarded with an exceptional benefits package wouldn’t you want to? With MULTIMAXX you will have all that and more. We offer a unique flexible work environment where you have the freedom to work in the way you want to and design your own career path in line with your personal ambitions. Our culture is characterized by the same sort of entrepreneurial spirit that you possess; we will value your creativity in finding solutions and your ability to innovate to meet client needs. And you will be a real member of, and fully supported by, a team of like-minded peers. With MULTIMAXX, you really can have it all.