• Business Strategy
    If you require a business consultant to help your business grow,
    expand and improve then look no further than MultiMaxx.
  • Sales Strategy
    We will increase your sales, revenue and enhance profitability,
    You will benefit from our experience and proven track record.
  • Marketing Strategy
    Working closely with you we will develop and implement
    a highly effective marketing strategy perfect for your business.
  • Brand Strategy
    Clear brand identity will enable you to positively stand out
    from your competitors. MultiMaxx can help you achieve this!
  • Business Development
    Exploring new markets and new business opportunities
    to enable your business to grow and evolve.
  • Executive Coaching
    With a proven record of success & vast experience you will
    benefit from our Executive Coaching and Mentoring programs.
  • Multi + Maxx = MultiMaxx
    Multiple Solution
    Maximum Satisfaction


We have a team of professional and expert consultants e.g. charted accountant, company secretary, advocate, business developer, brand creator, engineer, project manager, financier, entrepreneur etc.


Planning is not an everyday task for most businesses. As such many managers may feel they lack either the experience or time, to address their strategic planning requirements. Working closely with our clients,


If any of your department is not performing well or you are stuck in complex project, we can take care of that because we are expert in all types of management services. For every company,

We are One Stop Solution – we pride ourselves with the levels of passion, pride, professionalism, focus and quality of work which we apply to you as a client. You can have absolute confidence you are choosing a company that is proven, highly reputable and will generate significant results for you and your business!

We are regarded as one of the India’s leading business consultancy practices. Vast experience and expertise combined with a proven track record of success, giving you the perfect formula for your business. We specialize in working with new start-up`s and MSME`s. We provide consulting, planning, management and Development services.

We have a team of friendly, experienced, highly qualified and successful Business Consultants, focused and motivated to work with you and your business. We would be delighted to welcome you to one of our offices across the country and we also provide a fully mobile service, bringing our skills and expertise directly to you at your office or preferred location.

What separates MultiMaxx consultant from expert is perspective and the ability to channel a company's inherent means to achieve a realistic goal. The methodology that the MultiMaxx consultant applies is to accomplish the goal that can be simplified into four stages.

The first step: is the conception of the idea. This is where our consultant assesses the business and then applies his fresh and innovative perspective to the company's goal. At this stage, the business can obtain a level of honesty that is often difficult to achieve with traditional employees. Then, the company can fully define its goal.

The second step: is the process of taking the idea and developing a plan to implement it.
At this stage, our consultant works closely with the decision makers to define a strategy to reach the goal. It is here that consultant ensures that the goal is obtainable so that the business can invest with confidence.

The third step: the business consultant is putting the plan into action.
These step is the heart of the consultant's methodology, this is the point at which he or she will don many different masks in service to the company. These roles include speaker, writer, trainer, risk analyzer, and even client liaison. Our consultant plays or provides whatever roles are necessary to execute the strategy.

The final step: the company has reached their immediate goal.
Our consultant will ensure the new status about your business. After these steps, the client will have confidence that they have met project goals and that they have prepared to face the changing requirements that the future brings them. 

At this point, our consultant will complete their job and move on to the next project. You can hire consultants on a permanent basis; make them work on a continuous series of projects. As well as you can hire business consultants on fractional basis. In these situations, we can have long-term relationships with your business so that we can provide services sporadically.

 Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off.

:Franklin D. Roosevelt

Dedicated Business Consultants to New Start-Ups & MSME

We specialize in working as a business consultant with new start-ups and established MSMEs (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) which have a specific goal. This may be to accelerate business growth and profitability, expand the business, explore and move into new market sectors or aim to survive and consolidate in this ever challenging climate.

We are regarded as one of the INDIA's leading business consultancy practices dedicated to new start-ups and MSMEs as your very own Business Consultant to help you achieve your goals!

Our team of expert business consultants have an array of talent, qualifications, skills and experiences from around the world to help you as a client achieve your goals. We have a proven track record of success and exceeding our client's expectations!

There is no project too large or too small and we offer you our expert services at competitive prices!

We offer daily, weekly, monthly and long term solutions to suit your exact needs and budget. As part of our unrivalled service we bring our knowledge and expertise directly to you at your place of work or preferred location, alternatively we would like to welcome you to one of our offices, we also offer face to face and online consultations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.